What People Are Saying About Our Programs

Crossfit Classes

Jennifer Turner
If you are looking for a gym family, 706 is the place to be. The coaches and members are professional, supportive, and highly motivational! I have met and exceeded so many of my goals because of my gym "family" and can't wait to see what the future holds!
Corey Harmon
Awesome place. I've been going for a couple of weeks and have yet to leave disappointed. Always helpful, never aggravated. Kindest people you will ever meet. I recommend this place to everybody for working out and community involvement 706 does it all.
Mary E. Hillis
All of the coaches are very involved throughout every workout to ensure each member is pushing themselves without losing good form. Best box in Augusta, hands down!
Angela Krysevig
I came to Crossfit 706 after a horrendous experience at a previous box. I wasn't even sure if I wanted to continue Crossfit at that point. From the minute I stepped into 706's doors, I was treated with nothing but motivation, excitement and kindness. The coaches are welcoming and knowledgeable, and really take the time to help you reach your full potential athletically and nutritionally. I recently had a baby, and the coaches have taken the time to help me get my body back and be even better than what I was. The other athletes have been nothing but friendly to me; and there is an overall positive, community atmosphere. So happy I found this place!
Allen Martin
I have achieved so many of my goals doing crossfit! You gotta start somewhere! Come in to Crossfit 706 and give it a try! Best gym in town!

Kids Adventure Club

Amy Harden Sowinski
My 7 year old son is participating in the Kids fitness program and he LOVES it! Austin is amazing with the group.

Adventures of Eating

Scott Toone
If your not already enrolled, I 100% advise you to take advantage of this. With Stephanie's help, I have surpassed many of my expectations and have a super healthy and active lifestyle.
John Bova
I’m three plus months in to working with Stephanie and my body composition change can best be described as transformational. When Stephanie and I met in December ’16 I was coming off my last weightlifting competition of the year and it just so happened to be my swan song as a 69kg/152.1 lb. lifter. After nearly two and a half years and 15 successful weight cuts later my body and mind were ready to move up a weight class, which translated to adding 12-14 lb. of what I jokingly referred to as “body armor.” Well, the joke’s on me because that’s exactly what I’ve accomplished following Stephanie’s guidance. My 2017 competitive season has started off with a bang. I recently competed at the Arnold Weightlifting Championships, going 6 for 6 with two competition PRs (C&J and total). I followed up that performance 10 days later at the National Masters Championships with another 6 for 6 performance, a lifetime PR in the C&J, two more competition PRs (C&J and total), and a gold medal. Needless to say my new weight class (77kg/169.8 lb.) is treating me well. Stephanie’s regimen has me consistently sitting right at or slightly above where I need to be on game day, eliminating the need (and associated stress!) of cutting weight. And what’s even more exciting is the overall increase in happiness and well-being. My friends inside and outside the sport of weightlifting have all commented on my relaxed demeanor. I can honestly say that my quality of life has never been this high. That’s not to say that at 37 years-young I don’t feel a little banged up from time to time but following Stephanie's nutrition plan that's tailored to my lifestyle allows me to fire on all cylinders mentally and physically for longer stretches of time. Like the saying goes, “it works if you work it.”
Larry Diamond
When it comes to eating I guess I just didn’t know…what I didn’t know! I thought I knew how to eat right but didn’t want to try one more diet in an attempt to lose weight and get healthier. SO I made an appointment with Stephanie and began a journey toward healthy living! From our first meeting I felt like Stephanie was all in and cared about my success on this journey. She quickly identified bad habits poor eating practices. “But I thought . . . . ?” I would say and she explained how my choices were doing more to prevent my success than help it. Once we defined my goals and what I wanted to accomplish, she explained in simple terms and outlined a course of action. WELL! In just 2 short months of simply listening to and taking her advice I am 30 pounds lighter, full of energy, My diabetes is gone (MY doc took me off ALL meds!!), my blood pressure is normal (doc took me of my blood pressure meds as well!) and even my kids have said “Dad! I’ve never seen you look so good!” Stephanie is constantly checking up on my progress and ready to make adjustments if things are not progressing as hoped or expected. She is a fountain of encouragement, a great cheerleader, yet straight forward about expectations if you want to be successful. It’s not a fad or the latest diet craze – it’s a life style choice and she has the knowledge and expertise to help you be successful! Thank you Stephanie! I look forward to your continued help, encouragement and guidance as I continue my journey.